Dos Hogares a newest Mexican telenovela

Dos Hogares (Two Homes) or (Two Households) will be a Mexican telenovela starring Anahi, Carlos Ponce, and Sergio Goyri as the main protagonists. Anahi and Laura Leon returns to the novelas after a four year absence. Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo, Maya Mishalska, Malillany Marin, along with Alfredo Adame and Olivia Collins will be the main antagonist/villains. Collins returns to Mexican telenovelas after her last appearance in Te Sigo Amando in 1996. It is an original production of Emilio Larrosa. It will replace Triunfo del Amor on June 27, 2011 at 9 PM. Dos Hogares a newest Mexican telenovela

Original airing at Mexico in June 27, 2011
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Por Derecho de Sangre a Mexican soap opera 2011

Por Derecho de Sangre (For Entitlement of Blood) is a Mexican soap opera/Series produced and broadcast by Televisa in June 28, 2011 to September 2011. The serial, about the struggle for power within a wealthy Mexican dynasty, was enormously popular in its native Mexico. It is the remake of "The Best Soap Opera of the Year", TVyNovelas Award in 1987, and "Best Novela Ever" TVyNovelas Award in 2006. Por Derecho de Sangre a Mexican soap opera 2011

Original run: June 28, 2011[1] – September 20, 2011
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Prosto w serce a sexy boxer story

Prosto w serce (English: Straight Into the Heart) is the Polish version of the popular argentinean soap opera Sos mi vida. It is broadcast on weekdays at 17:55 on TVN since Monday, January 3, 2011. The pilot episode was broadcast on Thursday, December 23, 2010 at 18:25 after the final episode of Majka. Prosto w serce a sexy boxer story

Series is about sexy boxer Monika, a small town arrives in Warsaw to fulfill their dreams.

Original channel: TVN
Original run: 3 January 2011 – present
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Flor Salvaje upcoming telenovela from Telemundo

Flor Salvaje (In English: Wild Flower) is a Spanish-language telenovela produced by the United States-based television network Telemundo and RTI Producciones. Flor Salvaje upcoming telenovela from Telemundo

Telemundo will air the serial from Monday to Friday over about 26 weeks during the 2011 season. As with most of its other telenovelas, the network broadcasts English subtitles as closed captions on CC3.

Every Telenovelas Lover have to wait for this Flor Salvaje Telenovelas in Telemundo networks on July 2011, Flor Salvaje in English Words mean Wild Flower. There's no recent information about what is the main story about this Flor Salvaje telenovelas series. but we have the cast information.

The actors will be the Venezuelan Monica Spear and Roberto Manrique ("clone", "Victoria") Other actors are: Norkys Batista, Gregorio Pernia, Geraldine Zivic and Indhira Serrano, among others.

The locations will be exclusively in Colombia
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Rebelde a Mexican telenovela about teenage at the Elite Way School in Mexico

Rebelde ("Rebel" or "Rebellious") was a Mexican telenovela (soap opera) produced by Televisa and created by Cris Morena. It is a remake of a famous Argentine telenovela Rebelde Way adapted for the Mexican audience therefore leading to differences in characters' backgrounds. The series ran for three seasons, the final episode airing in Mexico on June 2, 2006. Rebelde was replaced in June 2006 with Televisa's new series Código Postal. Rebelde a Mexican telenovela about teenage at the Elite Way School in Mexico

The series is set at the Elite Way School, a prestigious private boarding high school in Mexico City with a major plot line revolving around a group of students forming a pop band. Additional subplots involve the school's faculty and the students' parents. One trademark of the show is the random use of English words and phrases, often used by fresa characters.

A notable aspect of the series is that the actors playing the bandmembers are themselves in an actual band named RBD, and perform most of the music used on the show. They have been extremely successful in their own right, becoming one of the most popular acts in Latin America and touring internationally.

It began airing March 21, 2005 and ended on December 15, 2006. The show is also transmitted in 65 other countries, including Serbia, Peru, Romania on Acasa TV, Brazil, Spain on Antena 3, Slovenia, Bulgaria and from September 2009 in Slovakia on TV Doma, in Croatia on Nova TV and in Albania on Vizion Plus. After the series it was announced that a movie was going to be made after RBD world tour ended, after the announcement that RBD broke up the movie was never going to be filmed.

Mexico in October 4, 2004 - June 2, 2006
United States in March 21, 2005 - December 15, 2006 - May 22, 2011
Romania in June 5, 2006 - April 9, 2007
Poland in October 22, 2007 - November 23, 2009
Croatia in January 3, 2011
No. of episodes 440
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Forbidden Love a telenovela from a famous Turkish writer

Who doesn't know the telenovela? A drama serial has been booming in the era of the 90s is so popular and highly favored by most viewers homeland, especially among mothers. Various popular titles such as MARIA MERCEDES, Paulina Love's, Esmeralda and others seemed to linger in our minds, because it's so big attraction owned by the impression generally offers the stories of this romance drama. Forbidden Love a telenovela from a famous Turkish writer

In fact, thanks to his success, no doubt inspired the birth of telenovela enough programs locally grown soap operas are being transformed into a main dish in the primetime hours.

Now, after such a long absence in the entertainment arena of homeland, serial telenovela back to greet fans. MNCTV is trying to bring back the show through the series romance drama titled Forbidden Love. With a more contemporary feel, Forbidden Love offers a new sensation in the dish soap drama.

Adapted from the works of famous Turkish writer, halite Ziya Usakligil, serial arable production houses from Turkey, Kanal-D, is so popular in his native country, to make this series won awards from several universities in the country which is famous for its history the Ottoman Empire.

Forbidden Love Achievement most proud of is the television series he managed to become number 1 in Turkey and the ground Peninsula.

Forbidden Love which began airing in MNCTV on June 20, 2011, every Monday through Friday, at 15.00 pm This is a drama that tells the love story of a Turkish jet set peppered by various intrigues and conflicts.

Background of beautiful panoramas and starring famous Turkish artists and actors are beautiful and handsome, that adorn this drama makes Forbidden Love has its own charm.

Once, having left his wife died 11 years ago, Adnan withdraw from their social environment and devote all his attention to his two children, ie, Nihal, and Bulent daughter, son. Adnan, who belongs to the wealthy, lived with his family in one of the mansions on the beach in Istanbul.

Besides them, the house also lived a young man named Adnan's nephew Behlul. In addition there are still relatives and carers are also two children Adnan. Settling with Bihter Adnan, a beautiful young woman, the son of one of the leading man makes Adnan fell in love and eventually married Bihter.

When Bihter looking for happiness, peace and security in the home of Adnan, he fell in love with Behlul known as a playboy. Forbidden love affair between the two is then lead to conflict and ended with a tragedy in the family of Adnan.
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