Ana de la Reguera a Mexican actress

Anabell Gardoqui "Ana" de la Reguera (born April 8, 1977) is a Mexican actress who has starred in telenovelas, films and the HBO television series Eastbound & Down.

Reguera was born in Veracruz, Mexico. Her mother was Miss Veracruz who became a journalist and TV personality. She began her performance arts studies in the Instituto Veracruzano de Cultura and was the host of Pasarela on Televisa Veracruz. She left the Televisa's CEA, and then studied with Rosa María Bianchi, Patricia Reyes Spíndola and Rafael Miranau. She also studied at the Centro de Formación Actoral de TV Azteca (CEFAC).

Her acting career began with her role in the telenovela Azul (1996) followed by Pueblo chico, infierno grande (1997) for which she received the Heraldo award for best female acting, and Desencuentro which was her third telenovela under the direction of Ernesto Alonso.

Tentaciones (1998) marked her beginning with the production company Argos Comunicación. She was immediately offered a role in Destino and Todo por amor, for which she received the Palmas de oro award.

Cara o Cruz was the first telenovela co-production between Argos Comunicación and Telemundo, that was made exclusively for the Hispanic audience living in the United States. It was later rebroadcast in Mexico, by independent channel CNI. She was also seen playing María in the telenovela Por tí for TV Azteca and the mini-series that followed up on Pedro El Escamoso, Como Pedro por su casa which was a co-production between Caracol from Colombia and Telemundo.
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Assistant Who Poisoned Gaby Spanic Sentenced

Maria Celeste Fernandez, the former assistant to Gaby Spanic got her sentence for supposedly trying to poison the actress and her family.

She will stay behind bars for eight years.

Maria Celeste and her father plan on appealing the sentence because she claims she is innocent and they claim there are many inconsistencies in the investigation

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Alicia Machado un-denying beauty: Her Best photoshoot

Yoseph Alicia Machado Fajardo is an actress, singer and the fourth woman from Venezuela to capture the Miss Universe crown.

You either love her or hate her but Alicia Machado un-denying beauty and charisma has all her fans begging for more.

Alicia has been the most controversial Miss Universe in the history of the Pageant.  After being crowned Miss Universe 1996, her title was in jeopardy due to a 20 pound weight gain.  She turned it around by shedding the weight and recovering her sexy figure.  Since then Alicia has been in and out of the tabloids and she is known for always denying her romantic links.

Jagat Cinta choose her best photoshoot to show her beautifulness.

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Ana Brenda Contreras a Mexican actress and singer

Ana Brenda Contreras Serbia (born December 24, 1986 in Rio Bravo, Tamaulipas, Mexico) is a Mexican actress and singer.

At age 15, she moved to Mexico City to participate in the reality show Pop Stars, where she was a finalist and member of the band, t'detila and recording an album with the same name. She dated Alexis Ayala from 2006 to 2009.

In 2003 she joined the Center for Arts Education Televisa to study acting. In 2005 Ana Brenda did the casting for the telenovela Barrera de amor, produced by Ernesto Alonso staying with one of the roles youth playing "Juanita".

In 2006, came the cast of Grease on the production work of Julissa, the same year she made a cameo on the soap Duelo de Pasiones, produced by Juan Osorio, in the role of "Claudia".

After the departure of the vedette Niurka "Los 5 Magníficos" program was called for production to lead the red team, as also removed a week later.

In 2008 stars in the film "Divina Confusion", directed by Salvador Garcini. That same year she received a job offer from the producer MaPat for the protagonist of the telenovela Juro Que Te Amo, produced by MaPat playing "Violeta Madrigal", the soap opera began in July 2008 and ended in February 2009.

In 2009 the producer Carla Estrada offered her the antagonistic role in the telenovela Sortilegio; in this telenovela, she was given the role of "Maura Albarran" who is someone who is in love with "Alejandro Lombardo" who was played by William Levy (actor).

Also in 2009, Ana Brenda was offered the role in participating in the Mexican hit series Mujeres Asesinas, where she showed her fans the type of character she is capable in becoming. In this episode she worked with other extremly good actresses such as Paty Navidad and as well as Galilea Montijo. In this same year she was offered to as well participate in another hit series Tiempo Final

In 2010 she gives life to "Aurora" in the remake of Teresa, where she played the best friend of the protagonist who is Angelique Boyer. In addition to participating in the musical Timbiriche el Musical where she played "Carol".

La que no podia amar (2011-2012) - Ana Paola
Teresa (2010–2011) - Aurora Coronel Alcazar de Sanchez
Sortilegio (2009) - Maura Albarrán
Juro Que Te Amo (2008–2009) - Violeta Madrigal Campero
Duelo de Pasiones (2006) - Claudia
Barrera de amor (2005–2006) - Juana "Juanita" Sánchez
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Mariángel Ruiz a Venezuelan show hostees, actress and fashion model

Mariángel Ruiz Torrealba (born January 7, 1980 in San Juan de los Morros, Guárico, Venezuela) is a Venezuelan show hostees, actress and fashion model. She was first introduced as Miss Aragua in the Miss Venezuela 2002 competition, she won the contest, giving her the opportunity to go to the Miss Universe 2003 pageant, where she got the first runner up title.

Mariángel has been one of the most publicized Miss Venezuelas in the recent years, having been compared to Alicia Machado (Miss Universe 1996). Like Alicia, she won her national title against every prediction (in a contest where the results are almost never surprise) and was considered a "rebel" Miss Venezuela. Also, like Alicia, she turned in a spectacular performance at Miss Universe, in comparison to more "conventional" titleholders, and overcame a number of major odds both within and outside her control.

Mariángel actually tried twice for the Miss Venezuela title, the first time in 1998 when she did not even place into the top 120 candidates. In 2002, she won the preliminary casting in Maracay, becoming Miss Aragua 2002. For the national pageant, she was not a favorite and was predicted to place as finalist as best. Big favorites for her year were Vanessa Fanesi (Yaracuy), Amara Barroeta (Distrito. Capital), Solsiret Herrera (Monagas), and Driva Cedeño (Nueva Esparta), as well as Aida Yespica (Amazonas) and Maria Fernanda Leon (Portuguesa), the only candidates to ever compete twice in Miss Venezuela history (not including Miss Republica Bolivariana Venezuela 2000). Against all prognostications, Mariangel won the pageant, which for the first time was judged entirely by former Miss Venezuelas. Her victory was completely unexpected by the contestants.

After being crowned Miss Venezuela, Mariángel had to confront several obstacles before being able to represent her homeland in the Miss Universe pargeant. First of all, was gaining Osmel Sousa's approval: he considered Ruiz to be "rebellious" and threatened to send Amara Barroeta, her first runner-up, to Miss Universe if she did not stop her weight gain and focus on her training. Soon after, a hugely publicized "crisis" emerged in which it was claimed that the Organizacion Miss Venezuela did not have enough hard currency, due to President Chavez's government foreign exchange controls, to pay the franchise fee and send its delegate. At the same time, Osmel Sousa agreed to train Amelia Vega, Miss Dominican Republic, for a week in Caracas while Mariángel was placed on "standby".

When Miss Universe 2003 began, news changed nightly as to whether Venezuela would participate. After weeks of back-and-forth wrangling, including an intervention by the President of Panama, the Cisneros Organization was able to fund Mariángel's travel and she arrived late at Miss Universe 2003, nearly missing the deadline to register. Her semifinal performance was met with mixed reviews, with some critics believing that she might be the first Miss Venezuela in two decades to miss the semifinals (which would eventually happen the following year) and others predicting that her controversies would bring her the crown.

On the final night of Miss Universe 2003, the announcers called out the wrong title when she appeared onstage: the order of the contestants was messed up backstage for the swimsuit contest and Mariangel appeared when Cindy Nell of South Africa should have come onstage. Daisy Fuentes then called South Africa twice, to which Mariángel made an infamous (and hilarious) expression of confusion, but her training as Miss Venezuela kicked in and she took the stage with a spectacular performance. The scoring was not affected and Daisy corrected herself as Mariangel left the stage.

During the night gown competition, Mariángel broke two conventions. First, she wore her hair down and little makeup, against Osmel's suggestions, and second, she wore a skin-tight Angel Sanchez crimson gown, becoming the first Miss Venezuela in a decade to not compete in a white, metallic, or light-toned dress. It was a winning combination, and she came off as one of the freshest contestants in history from Venezuela. During the interviews, another kicker arrived when Billy Bush asked Mariángel about her supposed favorite pastime, rappelling and extreme sports. The producers must have gotten confused, as Mariángel does not practice either, and she told Billy so with the comment "I love my life and protect it 100%" rather than lie in front of an international audience of 160 million people. Despite an excellent performance, Amelia Vega was unbeatable and Mariángel came in first runner-up to Dominican Republic. Although Amelia only received a few days of preparation in Venezuela, the executives of Venevision were furious that the winner of the Miss Universe contest had been groomed by their company while their own representative was on "standby" and moreover came in second to her, and banned the Miss Venezuela Organization from training other nations' contestants.
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50 Korean Movies That Make You Cry

Korean movies are very well known for its deep heart touching romantic love movies, most of which are sad movies with sad ending that make you cry. Though there are lots of English movies too that make you cry but Korean movies had a different spark that makes one deeply touched.

I myself have witnessed tears sparkling from my eyes by watching some Korean movies and here I have a long list of Korean movies that would make you cry, shed tears and have a wet sparkle of glitter in your eyes by its sad story, its ending or a particular scene. Most of the Korean movies, have a sad ending, where the main actor or the actress dies giving it a sad end making the viewers of the Korean film cry. Anyways You can try watching any of those movies below, which is a list of 50 Sad Korean movies that make you cry and I hope it does make you cry.

1. A Millionaire’s First Love
2. A Moment to Remember
3. Windstruck
4.Sad Movie
5.The Classic
6. My Love
7. My Piano
8. Lovely Rivals
9. Maundy Thursday
10. Temptation of Wolves
11. Heavenly Forest (Japanese, Highly Recommended)
12. My Sassy Girl
13. Sympathy for Lady Vegance
14. Lover’s Concerto
15. 26 Year Diary
16. Winter Sonata (Drama)
17. Autumn Tale (Drama)
18. Virgin Snow
19. Trees of Heaven (Drama)
20. 1 Litre of Tears (Japanese, Must watch) 
21. Stairway to Heaven (Drama, five star ratings)
22. I am sorry, I love you
23. We Got Married
24. Daisy
25. Innocent Steps
26. You are My Sunshine
27. A Tale of Two Sisters
29. Ing
30. Christmas in August
31. The Way Home
32. Love Phobia
33. My Girl and I
34. Oldboy
35. A Wolf’s Attraction       
36. Taekguyi
37. Brotherhood
38. Il Mare
39. April Snow
40. Wonderful Life
41. The Brother
42. Bad Love
43. If in Love Like Them
44. Taiyou no Uta (Japanese Movie)
45. Mars (Taiwanese)
46. Devil Beside You (Taiwanese)
47. My 11th Mother
48. Love Me Not
49. Herbs
50. Now and Forever
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Carla Giraldo a Colombian actress, model and singer

Carla Evelyn Giraldo Quintero (born on 30 August 1986 in Medellín, Colombia) is a Colombian actress, model and singer.

She made her debut in television when she was 13 in telenovela Me Llaman Lolita where she portrays young Lolita Rengifo.

2011 - Los Herederos Del Monte .... Rosario
2010 - El Clon ....Latiffa
2009 - Verano en Venecia .... Manuela Tirado Toledo
2006 - La diva .... Nicole
2005 - Juego limpio (series) .... Claudia
2000 - Pobre Pablo .... Jenny Paola Guerrero
1999 - Francisco el Matemático .... Tatiana Samper
1999 - Me llaman Lolita .... Lolita Rangel (niña)
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Aracely Arámbula a Mexican actress, model and singer

Aracely Arámbula Jacques is a Mexican actress, model and singer.

Arámbula was born March 6, 1975 in the city of Chihuahua in northern Mexico. She was noticed for the first time in 1993 when she was chosen for the "Rostro del Heraldo de México". Arámbula also writes songs and plays guitar. Today she has an exclusive contract with Televisa, and her new telenovela is called Corazón Salvaje (2010).
Arámbula had a long term relationship with Pablo Montero, one of her co-stars in Abrázame Muy Fuerte. She has two children, Miguel and Daniel, with her former fiance, Luis Miguel.

1995: Acapulco, cuerpo y alma (Acapulco, body and soul) as Aidé's friend
1996: Cañaveral de pasiones (Sugarcane field of passions) as Leticia
1997: Pueblo chico, infierno grande (Small town, big hell) as Leonarda
1997: El Alma no tiene color (Soul doesn't have colour) as Maiguálida Roldán
1998: Soñadoras (Dreamers) as Jacqueline De La Peña
1998: Rencor apasionado (Passionate rancor) as Mayté Monteverde
1999: Alma rebelde (Rebel soul) as Maria Elena Hernández
2000: Abrázame muy fuerte (Hug Me Tightly) as Maria Del Carmen
2002: Las vías del amor (The roads of love) as Perla
2009: Corazon Salvaje (Wild Heart) as Regina Montes de Oca and Aimee Montes de Oca, twins
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Kate Del Castillo Signs on to do K-11 Movie

We’ve been very curious as to what Kate Del Castillo was going to do after La Reina Del Sur.

The success of that novela catapulted her fame and career to new heights and she mentioned that she was going to take her time choosing her next project…but she didn’t wait that long!

Kate has signed in to star in the movie K-11, a drama starring Goran Visnjic. Yeah, we never heard of him either.

Anyway, we wanted something a little more buzz-worthy than this but Kate is a smart woman and actress and surely she has her reasons for taking this on.

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Marlene Favela a Mexican actress

Silvia Marlene Favela Meraz (born on August 5, 1976 in Santiago Papasquiaro, Durango, Mexico) is a Mexican actress. Her height is 5' 9¼" (1.76 m). She studied at "Centro de Educación Artística de Televisa in Mexico City and is also a model. Her siblings are Laura del Carmen (born 1970), Mabel (born 1971), Alan (deceased) and Deborah (born 1991), she also has a half-brother named Alejandro (born 1969).

2011: Los Herederos Del Monte as Paula Del Monte
2007: Amor sin maquillaje as Pina
2006: Zorro: La Espada y la Rosa as Esmeralda Sanchez de Moncada
2005: Contra viento y marea as Natalia Ruiz
2004: Rubí as Sonia Chavarria Gonsalez
2003: Velo de Novia as Angeles Villasenor
2002: Gata Salvaje as Rosaura Rios Olivares
2002: Entre el amor y el odio as Cecilia
2001: La intrusa as Guadalupe Rojas
2000: Carita de Ángel as Amber Ferrer
1998: Asi es la Vida as Mariana
1997: Maria Isabel as Patricia
1995: Maria Jose as Deborah
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Anahi Best photoshoot:: Beautifulness of Anahi

Anahí is a Mexican singer-songwriter and actress.

Jagat Cinta choose her best photoshoot to show a beautifulness of Anahi. Enjoy!

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Elizabeth Gutiérrez Best photoshoot: Beautifulness of Elizabeth Gutiérrez

Elizabeth Gutiérrez Nevárez is a Mexican-American actress and model.

Jagat Cinta choose her best photoshoot to show beautifullness of  Elizabeth Gutiérrez. Enjoy!

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Karina Jordan a Peruvian actress

Karina Fiorella Jordan Manrique (Lima, Peru, December 18, 1985) is a Peruvian actress. She graduated from the training center's theater PUCP, best known for having co-starred in the television series La Fuerza Fénix. Karina, has a growing career, participating in various theatrical productions under the direction of Isola and Jorge Alberto Guerra.

Currently stars in the telenovela Ana Cristina Segundo Cernadas with the actor.

Baila reggaettón (2007) ... Vanessa
Golpe a golpe (2007) ... Belén Meléndez
Sabrosas (2008) ... Joselyn
La Fuerza Fénix (2008) ... Rina Sipagauta
Clave uno: médicos en alerta (2009-2010) ... Marcela Piqueras
Ana Cristina (2011) ... Ana Cristina
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Ana Serradilla a Mexican actress

Ana Isabel Serradilla García (born August 9, 1978) is a Mexican actress. She studied acting at the Centro de Formación Actoral.

Campeones de la vida (2006) - Isabel
Las Juanas (2004) - Juana Valentina
Mirada de mujer: El regreso (2003) - Carolina
Cuando seas mía (2001–2002) - Daniela Sanchez-Serrano
La Vida en el espejo (1999) - Paulita Giraldo de Roman
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Gabriela Spanic Best photoshoot: Beautifulness of Gaby Spanic

Gabriela Spanic, also known as Gaby Spanic, is famous for her lengthy history in telenovelas (Spanish soap operas).

Jagat Ciuta choose her best photoshoot that show a beatifulness of Gaby Spanic.

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