Gabriela Spanic an award-winning Venezuelan actress

Gabriela Spanic was a big names in Telenovela. she was one of the top rated telenovela actress. there’s so many great telenovela played by Gabriela Spanic such as Por tu Amor and La Usurpadora and the latest telenovela of her is called Emperatriz this telenovela was also known as the first appearance of Gabriela Spanic for Azteca’s telenovela after she signed contract with the company in December 2010. Before that Gaby was signed a contract with televisa role where she appear on La usurpadora, Por tu amor, La Intrusa and Soy Tu duena. Gabriela Spanic an award-winning Venezuelan actress

Gabriela Spanic Biography
Full Name : Gabriella Elenah Spanic Utrera
Date of Birth : 10 December 1973
Place of Birth : Caracas, Venezuela.
Occupation : Singer, songwriter, executive producer, Actress (Main Job), video director, philanthropist, cultural ambassador, author,

Gabriela Spanic has a twin sister named Daniela Spanic, from the rumor that we heard, Daniela also play a role in La Usurpadora as the twins of Paola and Paulina. it’s such a good idea for using a real twins for the twins character in movies.

For Gabriela Spanic Latest Telenovelas Emperatriz. it was told the stories about Emperatriz Jurado (Gabriela Spanic) who search of her daughter with Armando (Esther). In love with Alejandro. Perfecta’s daughter. Curious about the full story? Don’t miss to watch Emperatriz Novela on Azteca 13/Azteca America.

Yeah we know now the crown as the Queen of Telenovela was goes to maite perroni but at least 13 years ago the name of Gabriela spanic was also famous as one of the telenovela icon at that time.

Gabriela Spanic started her career in miss venezuela beauty pageant in 1992 as Miss Guarico. Her role as Paola and Paulina twins on La usurpadora was made her famous. it was said that La Usurpadora was transmitted to more than 120 countries all over the world.

Gabriela Spanic Filmography
Mundo de Fieras, La Loba Herida, Divina Obsesión, Rosangelica,María Celeste, Morena Clara, Como Tú, Ninguna, Quirpa de Tres Mujeres, Todo por tu Amor, La Venganza, Prisionera, Tierra de Pasiones, La Usurpadora, Por tu Amor, La Intrusa, Soy tu Dueña, Emperatriz.

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