I Love You

I Love You!
© By krystal nance

I never really knew you
You were just another friend
But when I got to know you,
I let my heart unbend.
I couldn't help past memories
that would only make me cry
I had to forget my first love
and give love another try
So I've fallen in love with you
and I'll never let you go
I love you more than anyone
I just had to let you know
And if you ever wonder why
I don't know what I'll say
But I'll never stop loving you
each and every day
My feelings for you will never change
Just know my feelings are true
Just remember one thing
I Love You!
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5 Personal Love Quotes

"I had never fallen in love, but when I saw your beautiful face, I just knew it was love. 
--Josh Sandlin 

"Love wouldn't be love without you! 
--Holly Harper

"We came together as perfect strangers, but we will leave as eternal soul mates. 
--Fawn McCloskey 

"If I didn't have you, where in the world would I be? 
--Heylee Taber 

"No matter what happens, it's always going to be you and me. We have something beyond friends or lovers. Soul Mates..
 --Rob Ge
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Kate del Castillo a legend of the Mexican cinema's golden era

Kate del Castillo (born October 23, 1972) is a Mexican actress.

Kate Del Castillo is the daughter of Kate Trillo and Eric del Castillo, a legend of the Mexican cinema's golden era and a former soap opera actor himself. Del Castillo also has two other siblings; a sister, Verónica, and a half-brother, Ponciano, from her father's side. A participant in ten telenovelas, del Castillo made her acting debut in 1980 when she took part in a film called El Ultimo Escape (The Last Escape). She became well known in 1991 when she starred as Leticia in Muchachitas, a soap opera that was very popular all over Latin America. Muchachitas reached the top audience spots in Mexico, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Peru, and among Hispanic audiences in the United States.

In 2002 and 2003, she embarked on an international tour alongside Argentinian actor Saul Lisazo, another well known figure in Mexico, with their play Cartas de Amor (Love Letters). On August 22, 2005, it was reported by the LAPD that del Castillo's new house, in Los Angeles, had been broken into by thieves, who took some jewelry from the actress. Del Castillo was in Los Angeles filming Bordertown, a film about the deaths in Ciudad Juárez, alongside Jennifer Lopez, when the robbery occurred.

In November 2007, she was named one of the Estrellas del Año (Stars of the Year) by People en Español magazine.

On February 3, 2001, she married football player Luis García. The marriage did not last long and was dissolved on September 1, 2004. On September 3, 2008 it was announced that she was engaged to actor Aaron Diaz. In August 2009, del Castillo married Diaz in a Las Vegas ceremony. They are currently living in Los Angeles, California.

2011: The Miracle of Spanish Harlem (Film) ... Eva
2011: La Reina del Sur (Telenovela) .... Teresa Mendoza
2009: Down For Life (film) .... Esther
2008: Vidas Cruzadas (webnovela)... Mariana
2008: Julia (2008 film)
2007: Under the Same Moon... Rosario
2007: The Black Pimpernel
2007: Trade (film)
2007: Bordertown
2006: Lime Salted Love (post-production)
2006: Bad Guys (completed) .... Zena
2005: American Visa .... Blanca
2004: Avisos de Ocasión .... Amanda
2003: Bajo la Misma Piel .... Miranda Murillo Ortiz
2001: El Derecho de Nacer .... María Elena del Junco
2000: Ramona .... Ramona Moreno
1999: Sendero Mortal II
1998: La Mentira .... Verónica Fernández-Negrete de Azúnsolo
1997: Reclusorio .... Estrella Uribe (Segment "Sangre entre Mujeres")
1997: Educación Sexual en Breves Lecciones .... Ana
1997: Alguna vez Tendremos Alas .... Ana Hernández
1996: Azul .... Alejandra
1995: Imperio de Cristal .... Narda Lombardo
1994: Amor que Mata
1993: Sendero Equivocado
1992: Mágica Juventud .... Fernanda
1991: Ambición Sangrienta
1991: Muchachitas .... Leticia
1983: Las Sobrinas del Diablo
1980: El Último Escape .... Barbara

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Angelique Boyer a French-Mexican actress, model, and singer

Angélique Monique Paulette Boyer Rousseau (born July 4, 1988), better known as Angelique Boyer, is a French-Mexican actress, model, and singer. She is best known for her roles in the Mexican television series Corazón Salvaje, Rebelde and the critically acclaimed telenovela Teresa. In 2011 she was named one of People En Espanol's 50 Most Beautiful People. She also won the 2011 Premios TV y Novela's Award for Best Actress.

Angélique Boyer was born in Saint-Claude, Jura, France. In 1988, Boyer's family moved to Mexico. At a very young age, she became a member of the musical group Rabanitos Verdes (Little Green Radishes). Later, she continued on with a dream of becoming an actress. At the age of fourteen she enrolled in the Centro de Educación Artística.

Angélique Boyer was cast in the Mexican television series Rebelde, which became popular throughout Latin America. In the program, in which she participated for three seasons, she played the role of Victoria (Vico) Paz, a young and beautiful girl with problems at home - a mother who dates younger men and tries to seduce her boyfriend; an older brother who goes out with her cute and chubby friend Celina (Estefania Villarreal) and manipulates her; and a father who beats her regularly after he forces her to get money for his betting addictions.

While filming Rebelde, she and two other costars - the characters of Celina and Jose Lujan - formed the band Citricus or C3Q'S, which recorded one song- "No Me Importa" ("I don't care"); though it was only a single, the song went on to be played aired during a special concert show and was used as soundtrack during the rest of the show when characters acted rebellious. The song became a favorite of fans, but was overshadowed by the main cast RBD's two albums.

After Rebelde, Boyer auditioned for Bailando por la Boda de mis Sueños ("Dancing for my Dream Wedding"), a charity show in which less fortunate contestants are paired with celebrities in order to have their dream wedding paid for. Boyer has been featured in H Para Hombres and the Mexican edition of Maxim. In 2007, she began to appear regularly on another television series, Muchachitas como tu.

In 2009, she was cast in the high crime drama television series Mujeres Asesinas 2 as a violent killer, a role she welcomed as a contrast to the "good-girl" characters she typically portrayed. A role which later broke ground for her next big budget telenovela projects in 2010 Corazón salvaje and in 2011 Teresa as Protagonist and Main villain. These controversial roles marked a significant change in Boyer's acting career, for this was the first time fans had seen the actress in more mature roles
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Nora Salinas 'Miss Tamaulipas' in 1993

Nora Salinas (born June 7, 1976, Monterrey, Nuevo León) is a Mexican actress born in Monterrey, Nuevo León.

Carita de Angel, in which she played the character Tia Pelucas, has been one of the longest running telenovelas, having shot over 350 episodes. She appeared on the telenovela Fuego En La Sangre where she plays Sara 'Sarita' Elizondo Acevedo, and is in the Colombian series Tiempo Final.

Salinas was born in Monterrey, Mexico, to parents Rodolfo Calera Anzaldùa and Nora Alicia Salinas de Leon. She comes from a very big family and has five siblings, Rodolfo, Jose Luis, Natalia, Gisela, and Karla.

She was a model before she became an actress, she won 'Miss Tamaulipas' in 1993 and came in second place in the Miss Mexico Pageant the same year. Later in 1996 she won the 'El Rostro del Heraldo' award .

Salinas was married briefly to Miguel Borbolla, from 2002 to 2004, and they have a son together, José Miguel, born in 2002. Salinas is currently living in Colombia filming the TV series Tiempo Final.

Tiempo Final .... (2009)
Atrevete a Soñar .... Nora Salinas (2009)
Fuego En La Sangre .... Sara Elizondo (2008)
Amor sin maquillaje (2007) TV series .... Adriana (2007)
Destilando amor .... Karla (2007)
La Fea más bella .... Carolina Angeles (2006)
Cicatrices (2005) .... Clara
Sueños y caramelos .... Lupita (1 episode, 2005)
Amy, la niña de la mochila azul .... Dr. Emilia Álvarez-Vega (1 episode, 2004)
Navidad sin fin (2001) TV mini-series .... Alejandra
María Belén .... Ana del Río (2001)
Carita de Ángel .... Estefanía Larios de Gamboa 'Tía Pelucas y Esposa de Noé' (2000)
DKDA: Sueños de juventud .... Leticia del Rosal (2000)
Rosalinda .... Fedra Pérez Romero (1999)
Esmeralda .... Graciela 'Gracielita' Peñarreal Linares de Valverde (1997)
Confidente de secundaria (1996) TV series .... Bianca
Agujetas de color de rosa .... Jessica (1 episode, 1994)
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Sara Corrales a.k.a Catalina Osorio

Sara Corrales (Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia; 27 December 1985) is an Colombian actress, model, dancer and business owner. She is renowned for her appearance on the soap opera Todos quieren con Marilyn as Catalina Osorio, a role which won her the TV y Novelas to the revelation of the year and Vecinos where she played the evil Jessica, which also earned her a nomination for the favorite villain on the TV y Novelas 2009.

Ojo Por Ojo ... Karina
Casanova sin Amor (Pilot)...Daniela (Cancelled)
El Clon...Karla Perez
Victorinos (2009) ....Victorina Fernandez
Vecinos (2008) .... Jessica Antonieta Morales
La marca del deseo (2007) .... Maria Claridad
En los tacones de Eva (2006) .... Angelica
Cuando rompen las olas (2006) .... Enfermera
Merlina, Mujer Divina (2006) .... Yuri 'Paloma' Paz
Todos quieren con Marilyn (2004) .... Catalina Osorio
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Scarlet Ortiz a.k.a Rafaela

Scarlet Ortiz (born Hevis Scarlet Ortiz Pacheco in Caracas, Venezuela in March 12, 1974) is a Venezuelan actress. She started her acting career in a children's show called Nubeluz in Venezuela. She also participated in Miss Venezuela 1992 as Miss Sucre. In July 2009 the Spanish language edition of People Magazine reported that she was pregnant from her boyfriend Yul Bürkle and on March 9, 2010 she gave birth to a baby girl in Mount Sinai Hospital in Miami named is Barbara Briana. Her chosen godparents will be the actress Gaby Espino and the soap opera writer Alberto Gomez.

Rafaela (2011) as Rafaela
Alma Indomable (2009) as Alma Perez Sorrento
Amas de Casa Desesperadas (2008) as Susana Martinez
Tropico (2007) as Angelica Santos
Mi Vida Eres Tu (2006) as Daniela Alvarez
Todos quieren con Marilyn (2004) as Marilyn
Todo sobre Camila (2003) as Camila Montes de Alba
Secreto de amor (2001) as Maria Clara Carvajal
Por Amarte Tanto (2000) as Laura Vasquez
Mis 3 hermanas (2000) as Lisa Estrada
Yo soy Betty, la fea (1999) as Alejandra Zingg
Luisa Fernanda (1999) as Luisa Fernanda Riera
Niña mimada (1998) as Federica
Llovizna (1997) as Yolanda Sanchez
Nubeluz (1996) as Danila
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Carolina Gómez a Colombian actress who held the title of Miss Colombia Universe 1993 - 1994

Carolina Gómez Correa (born February 26, 1974 in Cali, Colombia) is a Colombian actress, presenter and model, who held the title of Miss Colombia Universe 1993 - 1994 and Miss Universe First Runner-up 1994 .

In the early years of her life, Carolina went to live to the United States of America and returned to Bogotá when she was eighteen years old. Later, she represented Bogota as a delegate to the Miss Colombia Contest, Concurso Nacional de Belleza, where she was named as the new titleholder of the Señorita Colombia title in 1993. After that, she traveled to Manila, Philippines to represent her country in the Miss Universe 1994 Pageant where she was First Runner-up; Carolina Gomez was the third Colombian to win First Runner-up in a Miss Universe competition, after Paola Turbay in 1992 and Paula Andrea Betancourt Arroyave in 1993.

After this stage of her life, Carolina went into modeling, achieving success on runways in Italy and Miami. She was the host of "Stars", a television show where many artists and celebs were interviewed and then, she was the successor of Jaime Garzón in the presentation of "Locos Videos". She was also a TV Producer, as co-chair of Vista Productions Inc. In 2004, she made her acting debut in a soap opera, "El Auténtico Rodrigo Leal", telecasted by Caracol Channel (in Colombia), where she had the role of the host of a TV Reality Program with the Argentinian actor Martín Karpan. Her acting in this role received excellent reviews, which led to her role as protagonist in "La Viuda de la Mafía", another soap opera, on the air between 2006 and 2006 and telecast by the RCN Channel (another Colombian Channel). Between 2007 and 2010 she has workes in different TV series such as Mujeres Asesinas, Sin Retorno, Tiempo Final and Karabudjan. The latter a 6 hour miniseries for Antena 3 in Spain. Actually she is playing Alicia Duran in A Corazon Abierto, the Colombian adaptation of Grey's Anatomy. This series recently became the highest rating show in the history of Colombian television, surpassing Fernando Gaitan's worldwide success: Ugly Betty.

She also starred in several films, including "Bluff", with Catalina Aristizabal, Victor Mallarino and Luis Eduardo Arango, amongst others. The film, which premiered in March of 2007, had very good reviews and very high box office revenues in Colombia. In 2010, she traveled to Los Angeles to co-star the film The Chosen One along with comedian Rob Schneider (who also wrote and directed the movie). Her successful career led her to work in Federals, a Brazilian action film with Michael Madsen, Saluda al Diablo de mi parte along with Edgar Ramirez, and most recently: El Paseo, a family road trip comedy shot in the beautiful Colombian countryside. Carolina is the fourth Colombian actress to penetrate the American cinema market, along with Sofía Vergara, Paola Turbay and Catalina Sandino.

Carolina Gómez was married and separated twice, with Nicolas Hoyos, her teenage boyfriend and father of her son, Tomas.

Soap Operas
La Teacher de Ingles (2011)
El auténtico Rodrigo Leal (2003)
La viuda de la Mafia (2004)
Marido a Sueldo (2007)

The Chosen One (2010)
El Paseo (2010)
Bluff (2007)

TV Series
A Corazon Abierto (2010)
Tiempo Final (2009)
Sin Retorno (2008)
Mujeres Asesinas (2007)
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3 Love Quotes of the Day

 " Some people come into our lives,
Leave footprints in our hearts,
And we are never ever the same."


 " Love can touch us one time and last for a lifetime,
and never let go till we're gone."
Titanic Theme, My Heart Will Go On

" When you are in love and you get hurt, it’s like a cut... it will heal, but there will always be a scar "

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Jacqueline Bracamontes Mexican actress and model

Jacqueline Bracamontes van Hoorde was born on December 23rd, 1979 in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.

She is a Mexican actress; model, former winner of Nuestra Belleza (Our Beauty Mexico) in 2000 and she represented Mexico in Miss Universe 2001, in Puerto Rico.

After she was crowned Miss Mexico, Jacqueline went on to host award shows and programs, including Acafest, Premios TVyNovelas, and Fiesta Mexicana.

Being a big soccer fan (Her father is Jesus Bracamontes, former coach of the Mexican football team Chivas Rayadas, but her favorite team is Chivas de Guadalajara), she became host of a Mexican sports radio show on Vision AM in 2008, and later was the host of the 2002 FIFA World Cup.

She has also worked as a reporter for Televisa Deportes (Televisa Sports).

In 2003, Jacqueline landed her first full-time acting role in the Mexican soap opera Alegrijes y Rebujos. Other roles quickly followed including Rubi (with Barbara Mori and Eduardo Santamarina) and Heridas de Amor (Wounds of Love).

In 2007 she was cast in her first movie, Cuando Las Cosas Suceden (When Things Happen).

Jacqueline has also appeared in La Fea Más Bella, the basis for the American television show, Ugly Betty.

In 2008, Jacqueline starred in Las Tontas No Van al Cielo (Dumb Women Don't go to Heaven), an original Mexican telenovela.
She played the role of Candida "Candy" Morales Alcalde.

On January 11th, 2008, Jacqueline announced to the press that she was currently dating Fernando Schoenwald, not her co star on Las Tontas No Van al Cielo, Jaime Camil.
They ended their relationship in May 2009, and after filming Sortilegio (Love Spell) in October 2009, she was linked to her co-star in the telenovela, Cuban actor William Levy.

Jacqueline will portray a killer on the popular Mexican drama / psychological thriller television series Mujeres Asesinas in season 3.

Besides the telenovelas mentioned above, Jacqueline has appeared on Cómplices Al Rescate (2001), Entre el Amor y el Odio (2002), ¡Vivan los niños! (2002), and La hora pico: El reventón (2003).

In late 2010, Jacqueline said that she was no longer going to appear on Prime Gourmet, the Mexican version of the popular Iron Chef program.
And, for the moment at least, she is giving up telenovelas.

Jacqueline is now engaged to Mexican business man Martin Fuentes and they plan to get married in a civil ceremony on September 10th, and in a religious ceremony in her native Guadalajara, Jalisco, on October 1st.
Jacqueline Bracamontes Filmography

2001: Cómplices Al Rescate - Joselyn
2002: Teletón (Mexico) - Hostess
2002: ¡Vivan los niños! - Hada de los Dientes
2002: Entre el Amor y el Odio - Leonela
2003: La hora pico: El reventón
2003: Alegrijes y Rebujos ("Don Darvelio's Secret") - Angelica Rivas
2004: Rubí - Maribel de la Fuente
2006: Heridas de Amor - Miranda
2006: La Fea Más Bella ("The Prettiest Ugly Girl") - Magaly
2007: Cuando Las Cosas Suceden (film)
2008: Las Tontas No Van al Cielo - Candida "Candy" Morales
2009: Sortilegio - Maria Jose Samaniego/Sandra Miranda Betancourt
2010: Mujeres Asesinas 3 - Irma de los Peces
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Verónica Orozco a star of A Corazon Abierto

Verónica Orozco (born Verónica Orozco Aristizábal on June 8, 1979) is a Colombian actress and singer.

Her older sister is actress Ana María Orozco.

Her mother is Carmenza Aristizábal Hoyos and her father is actor Luís Fernando Orozco. In January, 2008, she married Martín de Francisco in Villa de Leyva.

Orozco was a part of the Colombian TV musical show Okidoki, which led her to release three albums under the group name Okidoki in the early 1990s. In 2006 Orozco started her solo career releasing the successful album Verónica Orozco. Her first single was "Las bragas", which had a lot of controversy around the lyrics suggesting lesbianism. Her second single was "Miénteme". It won an award for "Video del Año" (video of the year) in Los Premios Shock (Shock Awards). Her third single was "descarada". She performed the song in Los Premios TV y Novelas and at one of the Nuestra Tierra 2007 concerts.

She is currently starring in a new Colombian TV show called Protegido airing on the RCN Colombian Channel. The program first aired on May 6, 2007.

She also participated in the 2006 La Mega: Nuestra Tierra concerts, which showcased Colombian performers.

Verónica is actually filming with her role as Lina in Los Protegidos. She later stated she would focus again in her music career and her second studio album was expected in mid 2009, but as of today no reports have been made about she whether will be or not hitting the studio again to record new songs.

Veronica is currently starring on the Colombian version of Grey's Anatomy called "A Corazon Abierto" and she also sings the theme song of it. She's currently working on her music again and filming A Corazon Abierto
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Ana María Estupiñán a winner of TV & Novelas Awards 2011

Ana María Estupiñán. From the age of 16 acts on the Colombian telenovelas. He left his studies to acting and studied online. Hey starred in Bonita, where she played "La Chiqui" also on the Daughter of the Mariachi. Salavarrieta Policarpa currently plays young La Pola, teaming up with Spanish actor Pablo Espinosa, and is known for her role in it. He was winner of TV & Novelas Awards 2011 as Actress for her starring role in La Pola. She was also nominated for awards India Catalina 2011.

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Sara Maldonado a Mexican beauty

Sara Maldonado Fuentes was born in Jalapa, Veracruz, Mexico to Mario Maldonado and Sara Fuentes. She has two older brothers, Mario and Jesús and one sister, Fabiola..

She studied acting in Centro de Educación Artística of Televisa for 2 years. Maldonado also studied English and acting while living in Vancouver, Canada in 2004.

Maldonado participated in the Mexican beauty contest "El Rostro del Heraldo", which was organized by Mexican news paper "El Heraldo", and won first place.

On December 13, 2007, she married movie producer, Billy Rovzar. In February 2011, the couple announced their separation

She debuted as the protagonist of the Mexican soap El Juego de la Vida (2001) in the role of Lorena 'Lore' Alvarez. In the years 2002 and 2003, she participated in the teen angst soap opera Mexican hit Clase 406 in the role of Tatiana 'Tatis' Del Moral. In April 2004 she was chosen again to the leading role of Diana Antillón De La Reguera in the soap Corazones al límite. She played the role of 'Paulina Cervantes Bravo' in the Mexican soap opera "Mundo de Fieras." Starting in 2008, Maldonado played the lead role of 'Aymar Mayu Lazcano' in another Mexican soap opera Tormenta En El Paraiso. From November 2010 to March 2011, she played the title role in Aurora for the first 103 episodes, before her character was killed off. She also has a part La Reina del Sur (2011) as 'La Veronica'. She will be starring in Telemundos' newest telenovela Una Maid en Manhattan as Erica Palcios (Main Heroine) between 2011-2012.
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Carmen Villalobos a.k.a Lola Volcan

Yorley del Carmen Villalobos (born July 13, 1983 in Barranquilla, Colombia) is a Colombian actress, most recognized for her supporting roles in several telenovelas including La Tormenta and Amores de Mercado. However, Villalobos is most recognized for her lead role as Catalina Santana, a pretty young prostitute with big ambitions who seeks breast augmentation in order to escape poverty in Sin Senos no hay Paraíso and most recently her lead role as Alejandra Paz, a humble poor school girl forced to attend a "rich-kid" school where the students are wild and out of control in Niños Ricos, Pobres Padres. In 2009, Carmen was included on the list of People en Español's 50 Most Beautiful list. She will be appearing in "Ojo por Ojo" alongside, Gaby Espino and Miguel Varoni. She will play Nadia Monsalve. She will be playing Lola Volcan in Mi Corazón Insiste along side of Jencarlos Canela, Ana Layevska, and Angelica Maria.

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Maritza Rodríguez Gómez a star of La Casa de al Lado

Maritza Rodríguez Gómez was born in Barranquilla, Colombia on September 1, 1975, better known as Maritza Rodriguez is an actress, model, singer, presenter and Colombian business. He is most known for her roles in telenovelas.

Rodríguez is best known for her modeling and acting in several telenovelas. Besides acting, she is also an entreupurner and has her own line of beauty products.

Rodríguez has three brothers and speaks English and Spanish. She has been married since June 2005 to Joshua Mintz (a Mexican) who is vice-president of strategy of the Telemundo chain. She currently lives and works in Miami, Florida
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Paola Rey a Colombian actress and model

Paola Andrea Rey Arciniegas (born December 19, 1979 in Bucaramanga, Santander, Colombia) is a Colombian actress and model.

She has worked in a number of Colombian telenovelas, including The Baby Sister, Pasión de Gavilanes, and La mujer en el espejo.

She has appeared in several films, including Como el gato y el raton, which won awards in several international competitions., and The Private Archives of Pablo Escovar

She also works as a model, appearing on the cover of the Fall, 2005 edition "Fuego", and has been the face of Neutrogena
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Anahi a Mexican actress and singer

Anahí Giovanna Puente Portilla, better known as Anahí (Spanish pronunciation: [anaˈi]), (born May 14, 1983), is a Mexican actress and singer. She gained international fame after being cast as Mia Colucci in the hit Mexican telenovela Rebelde, and as a member of the Latin Grammy-nominated pop group RBD. Anahi has sold over 3 million albums as a solo artist.

At the age of 2, Anahí began her career on a Mexican television program called Chiquilladas. She then starred in numerous films such as Nacidos para Morir and Había Una Vez Una Estrella.

She then went on to star in several telenovelas, including Mujer, Casos de la Vida Real, Hora Marcada, Vivo por Elena, and La Telaraña.

In 2001 she was cast as fourteen-year old girl named Giovanna Luna in Primer Amor (alongside Kuno Becker, Mauricio Islas among others). This was teen-oriented soap and was one of the highest-rated in its time-slot.

In 2002 she was cast as Jessica in Clase 406 where she worked alongside Alfonso Herrera, Dulce María, and Christian Chávez, who later became her bandmates in RBD.

In 2004 she starred in Rebelde, a Mexican remake of the hit Argentine telenovela, Rebelde Way. Before Rebelde, Anahí had starred in Ángeles sin paraíso with Felipe Colombo, star of Rebelde Way. On Rebelde, Anahí portrayed Mia Colucci, a popular girl from a wealthy family. Rebelde was a hit worldwide and had over 400 episodes, airing from 2004 to 2006.

Following the success of Rebelde, in 2007, Televisa released RBD: La Familia, which starred the members of RBD. The sitcom was based on the fictional lives of the members of RBD. The characters of the sitcom were not based on the band's characters in Rebelde, but intended to be similar to the actors' real personalities. RBD: La Familia was the first Mexican show shot entirely in High Definition. The show ran from March 14, 2007 – June 13, 2007, and only lasted 13 episodes.

In March 2009, Anahí auditioned for the lead role in Sortilegio, a telenovela starring William Levy.

In February 2011, four years after her last appearance in a TV series, Anahí was chosen to play the lead role in Dos Hogares, a telenovela written and produced by Emilio Larrosa. After prolonged negotiations, Anahí accepted the role. Filming began on April 11, 2011 and will end on October 2011.
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