Gabriela Spanic's Assistant Is Innocent, Still In Jail

To your left you have a recent picture of Gabriela Spanic shoving a sugary confection down her throat. She's somewhere in a Televisa studio mid-break from filming a novela. One could say she looks to be worry-free, right? Like... days gone by!

But, not too long ago, Gabriela Spanic made a big 'ol escandalo over her ex-assistant's supposed, alleged, cold-hearted assassination plot. Well, the dust has settled and it turns out the real killer was and has always been Gabriela Spanic's diet, not Maria Celeste Fernandez, who, for some really fucked up reason, is still in jail.

How does Gaby sleep at night knowing she consciously jailed an innocent person? We don't really know. What we do know is that this bitch is merciless and hard-to-the-motherfucking-core.

Thankfully Maria may leave jail soon, since nothing has been proven against her and, well, people are no longer paying attention to this zafarancho.

Now, unless Gabriela Spanic drops dead in the next few days, this is one messed-up story were the villain, to use vernacular wordplay, se sale con la suya!

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