Una Familia Con Suerte Synopsis

Una Familia Con Suerte (A Family With Luck) is a Televisa produced telenovela. The telenovela premiered on February 14, 2011 in Mexico. It is produced by Juan Osorio and starring Luz Elena Gonzales, Arath De La Torre and Mayrin Villanueva. It is currently showing in Mexico replacing Llena de Amor.

Pancho Lóps and his family encounters strong and fun situations but then they get Luck.

Fernanda Peñaloza (Alicia Rodríguez) receive a notice that she has cancer and she tries to commit suicide. When she's about to throw herself of the bridge, Pancho López (Arath de la Torre), a vegetable distributor, tells her that life is beautiful and they have to fight it every day. He convince her and invites her to go in his truck, which he calls 'La Burra'.

Pancho López is a humble man of values and with a natural intelligence for business, he helps needy people and believes in family. He thinks that having too much money causes many problems.

Fernanda knows the four children of Pancho: Lupita (Alejandra Garcia) is the allowed daughter, a loving girl who inherited of her father the love by the social service. Ana (Sherlyn) is loved of the music and she has not taken the consciousness from which she is pretty; sometimes it feels that his father prefers Lupita more than her. Temo (Daniel Arevalo) he is the small one of the family, when he was born, Laurita (Ana Barbara), the wife of Pancho, died when giving birth; raised by Chela (Luz Elena González), sister-in-law of Pancho; she became position of the family when her sister passed away. Chela keeps a secret: her only love in life has been Pancho.

Pepe Lopez (Pablo Lyle) is the older son of Pancho. He is audacious, mechanic apprentice and he likes to pilot cars, by this he is related to people of different social layer. She knows Mónica Rinaldi (Violeta Isfel), rich girl and fiancée of Freddy Irabién (Juan Diego Covarrubias) and they become rivals, not only in the races, but also in the love of Mónica.

Candelaria (Alicia Machado) is sister of Pancho. She is beautiful and feels like a diva; she sets out her ebullient beauty so that all the men of the district admire her.

Pancho Lopez and their family faces a serious problem: the vicinity is mortgaged and there is no money to pay the debt, which more hurts Pancho is not to be able to protect his family.

Fernanda Peñaloza values the honesty and the responsibility of Pancho Lopez, considers him an honest man, quite the opposite her nephew Vicente Irabién (Sergio Sendel), a convince and ambitious type, that anxiety that her aunt dies to remain with her fortune and the presidency of the company.

Enzzo Rinaldi (Pedro Moreno) wants to fight the family Lopez and there friends of his vicinity. Pancho is itself cornered, he undergoes humiliations along with his family and he does not have any more remedy than to accept the proposal of Fernanda Peñaloza and to become president of the cosmetic company.

Rebeca Treviño (Mayrín Villanueva), beautiful and intelligent woman is the one who advises to Pancho in her roll like president of the company. She will educate him, she will teach to him behave and to take determinations in the world of finances. And will become the rival of Chela.

The family Lopez move to the mansion of Fernanda and will be neighbor's of the Irabién family: Vicente, Pina (Daniela Castro) and Freddy. This change will bring fun situations between the poor's and the rich ones.

Pina is the wife of Vicente, a hypochondriac woman, because her husband does not pay her attention either his son. He has a radio program: 'Pina Opina' that it serves to him as therapy. He's only accompanied by the small dog? Abeja? mascot of the family. But, later, 'Popeye' , the current dog of the Lopez seduces the fine small dog, which brings a conflict between the families.

And following the passages of 'Abeja' , Vicente is pledged with the beauty of the sensual Candela and a torrid full romance of situations occurs among them.

The two families, López and Irabién cross themselves in a series of humorous and exciting situations where Ana, who hates the superficiality, falls in love indeed with a superficial boy, Freddy. And Pina will know the passion in Tomás (Osvaldo of León), fiancée of Lupita, with that exciting situations will untie, giving Pina a hard time to her life.

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