Mayrín Villanueva a Mexican soap opera actress

Mayrín Villanueva is a Mexican soap opera actress, born on October 8, 1970 in Mexico City, Mexico. She has appeared in ten soaps and six other programs since 1997. It was also in 1997 that she married actor Jorge Poza. They divorced in 2008. They have two children, daughter Romina and son Sebastián, born in August 2003. In addition, she has also posed for multiple magazines. At one point, she was also consider for the role of "Julia Montaño" in the 2004 telenovela Apuesta por un Amor, the role eventually went on to another actress, Patricia Manterola.

Married Jorge Poza in 1997. Later gave birth to twins Romina and Sebastian Poza in 2003. In 2008 she divorced the father of her children. She then married her co-star Eduardo Santamarina and later gave birth to their daughter Julia on July 18, 2009.

1998     Preciosa (as Claudia Ortiz)   
1998     La Mentira (as Nicole Belot)   
1999     Alma Rebelde (as Paula)               
2000     Siempre te Amaré (as Berenice Castellanos Paragas)
2001     Amigas y Rivales (as Georgina)       
2003     Niña Amada Mía (as Diana Soriano)
2004     Mujer de Madera (as Mariana Rodríguez)
2006     La Fea Más Bella (as Jacqueline Palacios)
2007     Yo Amo a Juan Querendón (as Paula Dávila Escobar)
2007     Amor sin Maquillaje (as Paula Davila)

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