50 Korean Movies That Make You Cry

Korean movies are very well known for its deep heart touching romantic love movies, most of which are sad movies with sad ending that make you cry. Though there are lots of English movies too that make you cry but Korean movies had a different spark that makes one deeply touched.

I myself have witnessed tears sparkling from my eyes by watching some Korean movies and here I have a long list of Korean movies that would make you cry, shed tears and have a wet sparkle of glitter in your eyes by its sad story, its ending or a particular scene. Most of the Korean movies, have a sad ending, where the main actor or the actress dies giving it a sad end making the viewers of the Korean film cry. Anyways You can try watching any of those movies below, which is a list of 50 Sad Korean movies that make you cry and I hope it does make you cry.

1. A Millionaire’s First Love
2. A Moment to Remember
3. Windstruck
4.Sad Movie
5.The Classic
6. My Love
7. My Piano
8. Lovely Rivals
9. Maundy Thursday
10. Temptation of Wolves
11. Heavenly Forest (Japanese, Highly Recommended)
12. My Sassy Girl
13. Sympathy for Lady Vegance
14. Lover’s Concerto
15. 26 Year Diary
16. Winter Sonata (Drama)
17. Autumn Tale (Drama)
18. Virgin Snow
19. Trees of Heaven (Drama)
20. 1 Litre of Tears (Japanese, Must watch) 
21. Stairway to Heaven (Drama, five star ratings)
22. I am sorry, I love you
23. We Got Married
24. Daisy
25. Innocent Steps
26. You are My Sunshine
27. A Tale of Two Sisters
29. Ing
30. Christmas in August
31. The Way Home
32. Love Phobia
33. My Girl and I
34. Oldboy
35. A Wolf’s Attraction       
36. Taekguyi
37. Brotherhood
38. Il Mare
39. April Snow
40. Wonderful Life
41. The Brother
42. Bad Love
43. If in Love Like Them
44. Taiyou no Uta (Japanese Movie)
45. Mars (Taiwanese)
46. Devil Beside You (Taiwanese)
47. My 11th Mother
48. Love Me Not
49. Herbs
50. Now and Forever

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