Flor Salvaje synopsis

The protagonists of "Flor Salvaje"' (Wildflower) is Venezuelan and Ecuadorian Monica Spear Roberto Manrique. Joining them Norkys Batista, Gregorio Pernia, Geraldine Zivic, Indhira Serrano, Tony Dalton, Peter Palacio, Angeline Mocay, Carolina Gaytan, Daniel Elbittar, Carla Giraldo, Linda Lucia Callejas Claudia La Gatta, among others.

"Flor Salvaje" (Wildflower) is the story of Amanda Monteverde, after living the unfortunate death of his mother and his brother, and trying to escape the stormy past, still very young yet feeling responsible for her three sisters minor reaches a small town that is starting in the oil industry, called "New Hope". Place where you will live even more difficult situation, but you also know love Amanda. This is how to start your life pass before the names of their various loves: Sacramento, the man who will be your faithful friend and innocent love, Pablo Aguilar, the man who is his folly and passion, and finally Don Rafael Urrieta The most powerful man of the people who try to be virtually her lord and master, as it is, most of the land.

Be in this place where he will play Amanda grow, find their future, and that ephemeral happiness. The first attempt to find this happiness does trying to get to work in a local bar, "The 4 P", where the locals try to make life happier, along with music, liquor, singing, dances and "women's consolations." This is the name that Amanda began to call the profession of the two women, Zahra and breeches, which were that they provided some protection to their arrival in a place so unknown . The need for money to protect their sisters and ensure that these remain at his side, and the despair of not being able to get the means to do so, take Amanda to accept this "lifestyle" to do so. But the day of his initiation, which will be released under the moniker of "Wildflower", the destination will become the wife of one man: "The wife of Don Rafael Urrieta" powerful and cruel man who keeps Catherine his wife locked up in his estate under conditions negligible, because of being unfaithful, decides that Don Rafael "Flower" is unique to him. But that exclusivity is only the body, because "Flower" reserves his heart for the man who will one day do find love.

And amid all these geographies and end of characters that weave the stories of our men leading roles, as different from each other, but have a common north: Wildflower. It is in the development of this trio of emotions, Flor also know the three ways of being loved: Shielded with Passion and Possession, because Florida will travel the road to security and marriage to Sacramento, the passion and betrayal with Paul, and the power and ambition with Don Urrieta. At the end of flower, which began as so many women at once and nowhere at the same time, you realize that happiness is not to copy any of the roads already traveled by so many women, but in herself and being the creator and owner their own history and destiny.


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