Correo De Inocentes Synopsis

Correo De Inocentes hit screens Canal RCN starring Margarita Rosa de Francisco and Salvador del Solar

Pilar Carrasco, a woman after having an affair with his boss, Sergio Gaviria, is pregnant with a baby girl, Adelaide, born with a disease that is the point of death.
Pilar for her sake, and after exhausting all possibilities to get money from the surgery that saved his life, he decides to be a drug mule. However it is caught in Mexico, where he must serve a sentence of 8 years, which keeps it away from her daughter. While she is in jail, Sergio Gaviria hear of the existence of his daughter and decides to take charge of it, on the other hand, Pilar began studying law in prison, not only to reduce his jail time, but also to get some legal knowledge before returning to Colombia to retrieve his daughter.
When she returns to the country, things are not as easy as she thought, her college degree is not valid in Colombia, forcing it to make the approval of their studies, so you have to find someone to help in their professional diligence . This is how he meets Alex Avendano, a law student who promises to help not only to find Adelaide, but also back in their attempt to help the mules transporting drugs, an idea that came up when she heard many stories on mules who were victims of Colombian drug traffickers and never knew they had drugs.

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