Chilling Romance upcoming korean romance movie

Actress Son Ye-jin and Actor Lee Min-ki will act together in the upcoming Romance (Movie) movie‘Chilling Romance’ Chilling Romance upcoming korean romance movie

Movie "Chilling Romance" (directed by Hwang In-ho) is about the romance between a girl who tries to block herself from the world due to her ability of seeing ghosts, and a guy who wants to protect that girl.

Son Ye-jin was positive to be in this movie even during this stage because she loved the script, and Lee Min-ki was recently casted for main actor; they are facing the shooting for this movie.

Son Ye-ji showed off her charm as the queen of romantic comedy in ‘Personal Preference’, with Lee Min-ho. Lee Min-ki is shooting th new 10,000,000 dollar blockbuster ‘Quick’ after last year’s ‘Haeundae’.

From a young age a woman (played by Son Ye-Jin) sees ghosts and because of this unexpected things occur to people around her. The woman then isolates herself from the outside world. A man (played by Lee Min-Ki) wants to protect her ...

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