How to Attract Woman ~ Effective Tips for Attracting Women

There are different schools of thoughts about how to attract beautiful women. Here are some of the effective tips on how to get a woman that you can use:
Enjoy the process of attracting a woman
Quite often, men, when trying to seduce women, tend to act tense, nervous and even scared. Their fear of rejection prevents them from being themselves.
So the best thing you can do to attract a woman is to relax, smile and enjoy the act of attracting a woman without worrying about the outcome.
Be a pleasant person to be with
Women are more likely to be attracted toward men who they find pleasant and nice. So when you are going to meet a woman, take some time to take care of your appearance, clothes and hygiene so that you make a great impression every time you meet her.
However, it is advisable to desist from being too fashionable in your approach. Also, make note of some of the bad habits that you have, which may prevent you from attracting women and abstain from them when in company of women.
Pay attention to her
Most men either talk too much in order to impress the woman they like or they have an internal conversation going on, trying to figure out what to say or do next to impress her.
It is a great idea to shift your focus on getting to know her and paying attention to her. A good way to start is to listen closely about her work, interests as well as feelings and shut out all other things that are on your mind or happening around you.
Make her feel special
Women like to be praised but it is an art to do it subtly. A nice way to attract a woman is to praise her for things you genuinely like about her. Any man who can make a woman feel special stands a great chance of attracting her.
She will like to with you more often because you make her feel great about herself. Women also like to be surprised and pampered. Every now and then do something nice for her and she will appreciate it.

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