Dulce amor: an Argentina telenovela

Dulce amor is an Argentina telenovela co-produced by LC Action is Productions and starring Sebastian Telefe.1 Estevanez, Carina Zampini, John Darthés, Calu Rivero and antagonistic actions Cernadas Second, Laura Novoa and Sun Estevanez. As young players have to Nicolas Riera, Rocio Igarzábal Micaela Vazquez and his counterpart. This telenovela marks the return of the first actors Arturo Bonin, Maria Valenzuela, and Graciela Pal Georgina Barbarossa, and a great cast. It began broadcasting on January 23, 2012.2, Monday through Friday, 22:45 pm

The sisters Bandi, who owned a candy factory famous, face one of their worst moments. Victoria (Carina Zampini) is leading the company and is the bride, to make matters worse, the man who does nothing but work to topple the Empire (Second Cernadas). However, the turns of life make Mark (Sebastian Estevanez), a former race car driver, will become the driver of this woman without joy. The arrival of this man's family will change the fate of the Bandi, on every possible level.

Julian (John Darthés) is a friend of Mark's soul, together spend every free hour to prepare the racecar that runs Marcos. When the unplanned shutdown of the workshop in which they work are left on the street, Julian follows in the footsteps of Mark and becomes a driver of Victoria's sister, Natacha (Calu Rivero), a beautiful woman fifteen years younger, it will crazy and will shake his marriage to Gaby (Laura Novoa).

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