La viuda joven: synopsis

La viuda joven (English: the young widow), is a Venezuelan telenovela produced by Venevision. Created by Martin Hahn it stars Mariángel Ruiz, Luis Gerónimo Abreu and Verónica Schneider. La viuda joven: synopsis

Original airing   
Venezuela Venezuela in 16 March of 2011 –
Argentina Argentina in April 25 of 2011 –
Ecuador Ecuador in May 10 of 2011 –
United States in May 31 of 2011 -

"The Young Widow" is a mysterious woman who has become a celebrity by marrying Baron Von Parker. Today, she has an enormous fortune being inherited from her last three husbands. No known family, the Baroness "Inma Von Parker" is an enigmatic woman of extraordinary beauty that captivates men with incredible magnetism and charm. Her calm personality and self-control gives her the ability to handle all situations around her, but also makes her a suspect of having murdered her formers husbands, however, nobody has ever been able to prove this. "Alejandro" is a police detective of humble origin, with a bright career in the Homicide Unit. Marked by betrayal, "Alejandro" has remained unmarried because of the woman who left him heartbroken.

Now, "Inma Von Parker" is suspected of planning the death of her fourth husband. The press, the "Humboldt" family, and the Police Force are constantly, almost aggressively, seeking for any clues that would finally help to clarify the secret of "The Young Widow" and expose her as the murderer that everybody thinks she is. The case is assigned to detective "Alejandro Abraham"and that is how the tragic past that both of them share, comes to life one more time. Inma sees her salvation in the man who once she loved like anything in the world, but the detective "Abraham" does not feel the same way any more. "Alejandro" is too much hurt, so he undertakes the case against the woman who unexpectedly disappeared from his life -leaving him waiting at the church's altar during their weeding celebration- promising to get revenge upon her, and reveal her truly evil face to the world. Despite of the fact that it took him several years to get over the incident, sarcastically, after nine years, Inma reappears when he has just meet "Abril Armas", a charming woman who has renewed his life and reawakened in him the hope of making a home.

The crime perpetrated against the latest husband of "Inma Von Parker" is a puzzle. Another husband died. Another case out of which she comes victorious. Everything points to "Inma Von Parker", but there's nothing concrete to incriminate her. Then, several questions raise up on Alejandro's mind, bothering him as a stone in a shoe: Immaculada is innocent or guilty?.

The Baroness tries to get the detective emotionally wrapped, for she knows that their, once, great love is also their great enemy. A relationship of love and fear, passion and mistrust. Alejandro is obsessed with finding ways to catch Immaculada or her accomplice. The detective is about to solve the riddle, but each time a witness can unravel part of the mystery, something happens to them: they vanish, change their minds, or die!

Alejandro has to choose between a passionate love or serene love, a mysterious woman or a devoted wife. Two very different women that will fight a war without truce for the love of the same man. A novel of love and mystery, full of suspense, telling the story of a hunter who falls for his prey, being tortured to discover the secret, and endangering his own happiness as he is about to reach his trophy.

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