La que no podía amar an upcoming hits telenovela

New poster of the telenovela La que no podía amar, has shown up today

Today about 7:15 pm, Canal premiered the telenovela Avance de La que no podía amar, the opening chapter is entitled "The crime that changed the destiny."

Avance de La que no podía amar…

Ana Paula (Ana Brenda Contreras) is a beautiful girl, smart and hardworking, she and her aunt Rosa (Ana Bertha Espin) live through the work of his brother Michael (Osvaldo Benavides). With economic pressures make the mistake of Miguel being involved in a crime that links their fates with that of Bruno (Julián Gil). Bruno is an expert lawyer who takes Michael to jail and will also work to Ana Paula offers her profession as a nurse. She accepts the job to help his family and came to the hacienda Del Fuerte not imagine what awaits you there.

What fate has in store?

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