Barbara Mori in PIENSOS back to Aztec

La actress Barbara Mori in this rule that re-treatments for TV Azteca, al lament that he is gone Hague rumor because ni siquiera has been in talks with Nadia that sense. Barbara Mori in PIENSOS back to Aztec

Dijo for that moment when he Quiero know anything about soap operas, but it prepares one for the series on the small screen as it intervendría as producer and star.

Añadió project to progress it, "based on what the television tampoco la ofrecería it, so it will be risky comentarles details mayor, but les puedo would comment that with technique and film Habra Himself action and suspense."

For the Others, who informs him that the next 22 months will be in su la movie theaters, "Viento against" in where it tuvo su HIJO trabajar chance with Ella.

"I see how the taste, the wellhead wellhead desarrollando will be gone in this direction. Ya know how them are moms. Yo I felt much more nervous that the FUER in the water, but he behaves with Himself vs. las Security Cameras "states.

Says who siente su proud that small Haya Ella debuted with him in the movies, y lo hizo bien enough. "Fue share it wonderful world in which he yo vivo. Ya know that this activity hay to be extremely disciplined to mantenerte force and that he es mejor le podría Council to give".

Mori says that will be dedicated to the promotion of "Viento against", so in habría hacer chance to film it in extranjero, aunque le lacking in enthusiasm.

Regrets that the Hague is a film specifically to Venezuela, because Check this project was delayed Ella ya he had committed in Mexico, to participate in the work "The Collector".

For the Others, Barbara Mori declined comment on hacer su failed relationship with Beto Cuevas del encuentro y according to one magazine with it tuvo telenovelas actor William Levy.

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