Meaning and the Beauty of Love

Love, love, and love. Most people believe that a love can bring a message of peace, beauty and happiness. Love is often regarded as the only reason why someone would rise up, the only way to make the wheel of life goes as it should, and the only thing that makes one understand, comprehend and interpret the life and feel life is meaningless. But some say that love only brings destruction, consuming everything shoots innocent belief in the liver, giving false hope to the conscience of the dreamer, and happily gave up despite woes wept blood, especially for those who have tasted the bitterness of love.

For poets and poets of love is beauty, love is beautiful. Love is beautiful. For the players heart that love is a game, when he was bored he would leave the love. For those who never have, that love is a dream, wishful thinking that he always wanted. For the haters, that love is just a difficult responsibility. For the connoisseur, perhaps it is the worldly pleasures of love. Everyone definitely has their own opinion about love, everyone has a different dose is also about love and even has a type and its own distinct characteristics.

After all love is a beautiful gift immeasurably beyond our power. Delivered in a unique love, suddenly and without warning. Sometimes through unexpected events, beautiful, fun and exhilarating and sometimes embarrassing events, even too embarrassing to dipikiran though. Love is a complicated thing, very beautiful, but together bring happiness to misery. Making people can show their true identity. In front of love, wealth would move slightly, wealth rather than as the beginning of power. In the face of love, sadism and cruelty will not be helpless, would not be able to force anything will. And in front of love, beauty and beauty is only a mere mask, can not make supporting factors. Love, beauty implicit in all picture of life.

Love is a complicated feeling, every word representing a thousand flavors difficult to express. Love is difficult to predict. With love one can feel happiness. Love is an active activity that humans do to others, in the form of self-sacrifice, empathy, empathy, compassion, help, obey the word, obey, obedient, and willing to do whatever people want it. Love Life is like a scratched ink impression on a blank piece of paper, love is like dew in the morning that comes with bringing coolness to anyone, love as a motivator who can motivate a person to get up or until someone can do something crazy when he fell in love . Love can not be touched, and touched the wind like the coolness, but love can be felt warmth like the sun and the coolness in the air like the morning. However, sometimes when a love can bring misery, love can also be a shredder with incredible power! Getting people to give up slumped against his fate, love comes to bring pleasure but also bring long-suffering endless. Love is beautiful but tragic.

Speaking of tragic love, love how you think the most tragic? Perhaps your own opinion as follows.
1. Tragic love is the love separated by the difference. Must be separated because the second difference in standard of living beings, which must be separated because different beliefs and must be willing to split up because of deep differences on the status of the individual or may be separated because of distance, seas and oceans or are separated by mountains.
2. Love is filled with rage and lust. Love should end up with an unhappy end. Love is broken to pieces because of the contention and resolved by infidelity and jealousy when mengahasut, murder ensued. Love that gives a lot of cases and misery.
3. The love force. Because the love that is felt compelled, forced to love someone who even hated. Imposed by the debt of love. Arranged marriages are misleading by their parents. Love that should never happen.

Yes, you are correct. The above events deserve inclusion in the category of tragic love, but somehow the two lovebirds in the three situations above can still love each other or hate each other. Then how in love the most wrenching, sad and tragic? A tragic love is the love that does not peduli.Seorang philosopher who ponders love day and night to write like this "Love me or just hate me, but spare me with your indiffrerence" Love me or hate me sekalin, origin do not ignore me.

Many people, or maybe almost everyone said, that the opposite of love is hate, right? However sy sense antonyms of the word love itself is not hate, ask why? First, we mean first what love is. When we love, we certainly will pay attention, help, love, love, help to someone, it means that love is concerned. Concern. But when we hate someone what we really stop him also? Obviously, the answer is no, even if we hate we still have a sense, even we still give it a taste. Sense of Hatred. When we hate someone what we are him also at the same time? Obviously we are concerned at the moment, although care in a negative sense. So it's clear what the opposite of love? Yes. indifference.

The beauty of love is incomparable. Love can receive two differences into a single destination that not only makes a difference to one thing in common, because the difference can actually lead to love and accept love. With love, someone will not love their partner because he is perfect but that person may receive a lack of mate perfectly and showed the perfection of his love. Then how about you? Have you found what was the name of love?

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